Ativin – Austere LP

Post-rock band Ativin returns from a 19-year hiatus with 'Austere', the group’s most expansive and cinematic work to date and first album for Fonoradar (EU) and Joyful Noise (US).

Recorded by Steve Albini and eschewing the explosive and aggressive playing that characterizes their earlier work, ‘Austere’ finds the guitar duo of Daniel Burton ( Early Day Miners) and Chris Carothers (Hunting People, Grizzly Daughter) enlisting Chris Brokaw (Codeine, Come, New Year) on drums and vocalsfor a more stripped down and skeletal sound.

It's vinyl-only release, one colour version: oxblood red.

Pre-order 'Austere' here.

Here's 'Drought Shears' - the first single from 'Austere'.

And here's 'Mountain Visions' - another new Ativin song featuring Natasha Noramly of the British cult faves Ganger. 'Mountain Visions' was recorded after the 'Austere' sessions and is not on the record.